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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lanehomes?

Lanehomes include coach houses and laneway houses. Different terms for different municipalities.

Lanehomes are secondary smaller homes built at the rear of a lot and may can be anything from a studio to a 3 bedroom home. Metered services are completely separate from the main house.

Of course to us, Lanehomes are so much more! They represent the future of the Lower Mainland and allow communities to grow in an environmentally sustainable manner while preserving the heritage and history of those communities.

Why a Lanehome?

Here at Urban Lanehomes we believe the real question should be why not!

Lanehomes provide owners of properties in Vancouver the ability to do something they have never been able to do in the past, to grow with their communities in a sustainable and environmentally sound way without having to destroy the heritage and history of the area.

Among other things:

They provide the ability to bring families together by offering additional space for family to stay in.

They support families by providing additional income to offset rising living cost.

They provide an option to downsize without having to relocate to a new and unfamiliar neighborhood.

They make lanes greener, more livable, and safer by providing living space and planting where regulations otherwise permitted garage and paving.

They substantially increase property values

Most importantly, they give homeowners choice in a sustainable manner

Why Urban Lanehomes?

With over 20 years of combined international experience in building small living spaces, Urban Lanehomes is quickly becoming the trusted source in Lanehomes with a recognized commitment to sustainability and an unprecedented level of customer service.

Our completely unique designs incorporate functionality and flow in a way never before seen in Vancouver offering unbelievable spaces you just have to see to believe.

Each Lanehome we build is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, not prefabricated, and all our Lanehomes meet or exceed the Green Home requirements and come with the peace of mind and protection of the 2-5-10 year warranty.

Offering a wide range of services, we take the guess work and uncertainty out of Lanehomes and, with our key strategic partners, are able to take care of everything from financing, to construction and even rental assistance should you choose to rent it.

We also understand the importance of community and the preservation of its heritage and character. All our designs and construction methods are centered on minimizing the impact on the community and the homeowner while maximizing the seamless integration of our designs to compliment that of the surrounding area.

Above all else, we take pride in what we do and believe that we don’t just build Lanehomes, we help build communities!

About US

Urban Lanehomes was built with a singular belief, Sustainability Without Compromise.

Our team is composed of members with over 20 years of combined international experience in designing and building small living spaces all over the world and, mostly recently, right here at home. Unlike our competitors, we have been building homes of this nature for a long time; it is what we do best!

Through our international work we know that urban living does not have to mean small living and believe that Living Large in Urban Spaces is possible. To that end, each one of our Lanehomes is custom designed to meet the needs of our clients and their communities, not prefabricated; after all, we believe that every Lanehome we build should be as unique as the owner that owns it.

We are excited to begin serving our communities and the homeowners that compose them.

We don’t just build Lanehomes, we help build communities!

Does my property Qualify

There are a lot of factors that contribute to whether a property qualifies or not; simply having a 32 X 122 lot that is zoned RS-1 or RS-5 does not guarantee eligibility. Many factors play into whether the city will approve a Lanehome, including but not limited to, position of the main house, available emergency access, separation between the Lanehome and main home, size of the intended Lanehome and orientation of the lot relative to the main house and proposed Lanehome.

If you are thinking about building a Lanehome, and want to know more information specifically in relation to your lot, give us a call. We will be glad to provide you with a no obligation assessment and work with you to determine how to best achieve your goals.

How much does a Lanehome cost?

We don’t prefabricate our Lanehomes. Each one is custom designed and built to meet the owner’s needs and as such pricing can vary from $99,880 to $300,000+ depending on the Lanehome.

Once an initial consultation is preformed and a lot survey obtained we are able to provide a detailed cost breakdown as well as a timeline for the project and, until such time, you are of course under no obligation!

Can I finance the construction costs?

Lanehomes are a relatively new concept to banks and they still don’t really know what to make of them. We have sadly heard stories of many owners having had a difficult time obtaining financing; our clients however, are never one of those stories.

Because all we do is build Lanehomes, we have established partnerships with most major Lenders and our team will be there to help you through the financial process and work closely with your Lender to help bring them up to speed; it’s just another part of the custom service you can expect from us.

This all sounds Great! How Do We Get Started?

The first step is to contact us and setup a no obligation consultation were a member of our team will help you determine what type of Lanehome is permissible for your lot and more importantly, will work with you to figure out what style will best suite your needs and maintain your budget.

Is a Lanehome the same as a Coach House?

Lanehomes and Coach Homes can be similar in both shape and size however, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Unlike a Coach House, a Lanehome cannot be strata titled. In other words, it cannot be sold separately from the main house.

However, Coach Houses require an RT10 zoning (multifamily) and require a larger lot on average in order to be allowed. A Lanehome on the other hand requires a small lot with the much more common RS-1 or RS-5 zoning; there are an estimated 66,000 lots currently eligible.

I would like to rent a Lanehome.

Lanehomes provide residents of Vancouver the ability to do something they have not been able to do for a long time, rent a private, separate and brand new home that is in a great neighborhood without having to break the bank.

No more strata, no more noisy upstairs neighbor, no more getting in the elevator with that odd fellow from unit 12 who doesn’t believe in showering.

Your own entrance, your own space, your own home!

Just fill click on the rental button located on the top menu and send us your information. One of our team members will contact you shortly thereafter and match you up with that home you have always dreamed of; you can finally throw away those nose plugs!!!

What is the Process if I Want to Get Started

Although each project is unique, there are certain steps that are universal to Lanehome construction;

Meet and Greet!

We get to know your wants and needs as well as tell you a little about how we do what we do:

-This is usually done during a 1 hour in home consultation with one of Urban Lanehomes team members.

- Your property is reviewed and we establish what is possible with your property

Investigation, Creation and Pre-Construction Agreement

This is where we start to roll up our sleeves and figure out exactly what we can do for you. A site survey is conducted and our highly trained designers work closely with you to create the Lanehome that is perfect for you.

Building and Construction Agreement

Once a site survey is conducted and you have approved the design we get to work. We will:

— Take care of all municipal permit applications

— Take care of all construction contracts and service connection arrangements

— Provide you with a HPO 2-5-10 Warranty:

— Guarantee our work for 2 years on labour and materials!