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About us

Urban Lanehomes is an industry leader specializing in design, construction, renovation, development and redevelopment projects involving laneway housing, coach houses, carriage houses, studios and custom homes. The Urban Lanehome team draws on decades of experience; spanning residential, commercial and industrial segments; internationally and locally; in design, construction, development or real estate. With already longstanding established supply lines, professionals and experienced trades, Urban Lanehomes provides a high quality product at a lower price than our competitors. “High quality at lower price” is the core foundation of our team’s success and longevity in the construction industry. Unlike our competitors, we have been building homes for a very long time, it is what we do best.

After realization of the homeowner’s dreams and desires, our greatest reward is the seeing the longstanding result of our hard work as it continues to represent us and our capabilites over the many years. As experienced and committed builders, we know that the true test of quality and craftmanship is time. As such, we take the same pride in longstanding projects as we do in new projects. However, the challenge of continually improving and “pushing the envelope” is what truely compels and invigorates our desire to build. Urban Lanehomes’ passion for building is driven equally by the reward of seeing the look of amazement and disbelief on people’s faces when they actually see how big our spaces feel, as well as the challenge of creating leading edge design at the forefront of efficiency, functionality, flow, liveability, sustainbility, innovation and craftmanship at reasonable prices. We take great pride and joy when the first reaction of someone entering our finished lanehome is the involuntary reflex “WOW!”. Our job is done!

Urban Lanehomes was created with a singular belief, Sustainability Without Comprise.Through our international experience we already know that urban living does not have to mean small living or compromises; Living Large in Urban Spaces is completely possible through leading edge design. To that end, each of our Lanehomes is custom designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and their communities, not an off-the-rack alteration. We believe that every Lanehome we build should be as unique as the owner that owns it.

We are proud to serve our communities and the homeowners that compose them. We don’t just build Lanehomes, we help build communities!

We look forward to serving you!